Thursday, December 3, 2009

Performance 12/2

The performance on Wednesday, to me, went as close to perfect as I could have imagined. The illusion that we created through Don’s presence was believed seemingly undoubtedly by all to be true. The whole performance began with the screening of the film, which seemed to have a general good response, and just as it seemed that the audience began to feel somewhat bored with both us performing and the film on loop, Jill walked in a began a new layer to the performance as a whole. I noticed that a lot of people noticed Jill’s dissatisfaction and watched her walk out. This worked perfectly to solidify the “truth” of the situation. I thought Jill’s subtlety in her performance worked very effectively. As far as me, Andrew, Natalie, and Wesly’s performances, I think we never broke character and did a good job portraying the confusion of the situation. Many people commented that our reactions to Don was very “real”, with very one portraying a state of stoic confusion, apparently Natalie’s face was even blush red the entire time. As we walked out of the room, we could literally feel the tension of the people who questioned whether they were going to be kicked out of school, and what would inevitably happen to us.

For the Lecture next week, I would like to discuss the entire process that went behind this project. I think the most interesting point to expand upon is the evolution of all the ideas from what they began as, and what they have become. It will be important to discuss all of this in relation to our overarching concept, and the ideas we are commenting upon. I think people will be interested in hearing our reasoning behind both performance’s and the film itself. This project has a lot of depth, with two performances, a film, and a lot of theoretical commentary.

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