Thursday, October 29, 2009


I’ve been thinking of absurdity in the sense of it’s use as a noun, “quality or condition of existing in an irrational world”. To develop a character from that Idea, I would like to view the character’s actions or situation as more of an absurdity. I feel that in a lot of ways, the way we view the world, or under which pretenses we accept reality becomes very irrational through means of logic and rationalization. We build constructs or prototypes of ideals in which we wish everything to fit, as we experience it. I think rather than placing the absurd within the mind of the human, one must see that the world, and it’s perpetration, is not based on an simple logic. The moon rises and it falls, we know this, and we know, in terms of it’s relations to our earth it has a purpose., but it’s logic in relation to us, metaphysically does not seem possible to reduce.

I see the way people react within the world is more of a response of irrationality and absurdity, rather than being absurd themselves.

How does your character think?

He thinks as a reactionary. He sifts through a world which he/she believes to be irrational in it’s logic and constructs of standard ideals, and responds to it in seemingly “irrational” ways. Reacting to societies irrationality by acting in ways Society deems irrational.

How does your character think he/she think?

He thinks that the way he/she is acing is not irrational. He doesn’t view people actions as irrational. He thinks that he thinks in terms of subversion.

What do they want?

He wants to subvert the idea of this irrationality of behavior. He wishes to point out through his actions that the

What do they think they want?

He thinks that he wants understanding. He wants for society to break down walls of separations based on material and idealogical preference, and begin building a stream of understanding.

What is their truth (mythology)?

His mythology lies heavily in a connection or oneness through a universal consciousness. A connection with the natural world and humankind. Believes in an undeniable connection between all ideas and existence.

What is their REAL truth or mythology?

His REAL truth, in terms of tangible properties of truth or mythology is that he is a human. He exists in the world. Outside of the world of science there can be no essential truth, aside from his biology or anatomy, he has no REAL truth.

What do they need?

Needs soundness of mind. Needs to feel that through his existence, he’s perpetuated the cycle of cognitive progression. Though he is flawed by thinking that one must consciously do this.

What do they think they need?

He thinks he needs to represent his ideals and build them prominently within the world’s consciousness.

What actions does the character undertake?

Very animated and borderline a typical, example (in first film having character eat and throw up flowers) not that specifically but surreal acts which could represent his connection within the world and humankind.

What does the character think they do?

He thinks he exists more in the world of ideas and symbols rather than the tangible/physical world.

What does the audience need?

To understand is way of thinking or his psychology, they must understand him in order for him to perpetuate his ideals.

How can you push them to understand?

Through symbols and actions. engulfing himself in symbols, and his reaction to them.

What do they feel?

How important are the acts undertaken by the character?

Very, they must represent his ideas. Ideas must be expressed tangibly in order for them to be exposed. Either through word, art, or action (all of which are interlinked)

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