Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Concept

My film will deal with the relationship between poetry and short film. More so, in the sense of the immediacy and expression of mood rather than narrative.

It will be composed of 3 segments, each representing an individual character.

Each individual will choose a poem they have written specifically to represent a specific land(dream) scape. The film will aim to portray the mood/atmosphere of these landscapes

the first part of each segment will show a portrait of the subject shot shoulder up. They will be in complete darkness only illuminated by projected light upon their face. The light will be "readymade" footage that relates to a tangible representation of the mood filling their mind. They will stare into the camera, seemingly mentally engulfed by the light.

Then it will cut to the same character existing within the world created through their poem, with them reading said poem. These landscapes will be decided upon by deliberation between me and the poet in order to tangibly recreate the mood of the poem.

LAst shot will be a landscape with nobody existing within it, but all 3 characters reading a poem that has taken parts of all of their previous poems, re contextualizing lines, and creating a new poem, which all 4 (characters and myself) will read in synch.

Film will ultimately show the loss of individuality in ideas (or ideals) once entered into the realm of the collective conscious, including them in a broader picture, effecting the entire shape of human knowledge rather than there own/.

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